: about us :

We are high school sweethearts seeking new adventures wherever we can find them. CW is a management coned Foreign Service Officer for the U.S. Department of State whose job requires regular uprooting of the family. Cora is a full-time Mom, lifestyle and travel photographer, intercultural consultant and trainer, and anything else that requires creativity.

Together with our daughter Piper, son Beckett and labrador Mosa, we move every few years to a new country.  We started this Foreign Service journey in 2013 in magical Lesotho. We then moved on to mystical Ecuador in 2015 and then to enlightening Rwanda in 2018.  CW is currently in French training in D.C. in preparation for our fourth post in Lome, Togo starting July 2021.

Check out our travel photos at https://www.pbase.com/malinakphotography/travel

And our professional lifestyle photos at: http://www.malinakphotography.com/

Disclaimer: All content on these pages are solely our personal views and opinions and do not represent any official United States Government policies. 

3 thoughts on “: about us :

  1. Hey guys…great to meet you at Tembe! Stay in touch. If you’re evern in Cape Town, let me know. I’ll try get to Sehlabathebe within the next year…so will keep you posted.Scott Ramsay

  2. Hi! I loved your blog post on Lesotho that was shared through Trailing Houses! We are planning on visiting Lesotho in 2 weeks and are a bit overwhelmed by the lack of information we can find on some logistics… car rentals vs drivers, etc. Is there any chance I could e-mail you or send you some questions about Lesotho? Love your blog!

  3. Hi Cora and CW, it was nice getting to know you at the Karenge Lodge last week! Enjoy your posting in Kigali and take care!

    Ilke & Johan (and Tim)

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