:: blooming burbs ::

We currently live next to a lovely little neighbourhood which is home to a unique array of houses each with their own distinct character, garden, driveway and mailbox.

Suburbs like this one are a great place to witness the American appreciation for space and individuality.  Coming from urban living in the UK, these houses and gardens all seem immense.  And unlike the terraced houses you find in London and beyond which can sometimes all look very similar, residents of this neighbourhood have made extra efforts to bring unique elements to each home.  Everything from the actual design and colour of the home to the garden decorations and porch fixtures are different in this neighbourhood.

As we went for a walk the other day through the neighbourhood to a small local park we were stunned by the beautiful bushes blooming everywhere, making all of the houses look really lovely.  I felt like a proper tourist walking around with my camera admiring the lovely blossoms, huge gardens and American homes, but I was happy to come away with a few photographic memories.

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