:: mosa ::

What has four legs, a tail and a cute little face? Our new puppy!  We are proud owners of a little black Labrador puppy called Mosa, which means kindness in Sesotho.  Time will tell whether that is an apt or ironic name choice but so far she is as sweet as can be, most of the time.

Mosa - Our Little Black Labrador

We picked up Mosa at eight weeks old from a lovely breeder near Johannesburg called Wildspirit Labradors.  We were drawn to them because their labs looked tall and lean, just like how we prefer them to be and they have an excellent pedigree.  We would highly recommend them to anyone in the region who is looking for a lab.

So now here we are, eleven years after taking Guinness home for the first time, with a lovely puppy again.  We can’t remember all of our experiences with Guinness at this young age, but we do hope that the second time around will be easier for the lessons we learned previously.

That said, the regular trips outside and constant supervision is leading to semi sleep deprivation and lower levels of productivity!  Soon though she’ll become increasingly ‘normal’ and we’ll be hiking and exploring the region with her by our side.

Regardless of the puppy nipping and the constant vigilance, we couldn’t be happier to be dog owners again and the house is already filled with more love because of our dear little Mosa!

For more photos check out our online gallery of Mosa which we’ll update on a regular basis: http://www.pbase.com/malinakphotography/mosa

3 thoughts on “:: mosa ::

  1. glad for you two… and mosa, too…!!!! she is a cutie and I know that you will enjoy
    her for years to come as I know that she will enjoy you both, too!!!!
    love to hear from you and your writings… miss you.
    aunt Kathy and uncle douggie

  2. Wonderful to see pictures of the little monkey. So glad your are enjoying her. Give her a big hug and a kiss , from her Granny xxx

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