:: christmas in lesotho ::

There is something inherently incongruous about decorating a christmas tree in shorts and a t-shirt with blazing summertime sun streaming in through the windows. After a lifetime of Northern Hemisphere Christmases, we have found celebrating the holiday in Lesotho a bit odd.

Firstly, the weather. It has been pushing 30 degrees, Celsius, not Fahrenheit. The sun is high in the sky and exceedingly hot and any precipitation is definitely not white, unless you count the hail.

Added to this is the fact that Christmas decorations are very limited here. There are some in the shops and the malls each have a little Santa’s grotto, one complete with a santa, but it is not the all-encompassing onslaught of Christmas that you get in the States or the UK. It’s actually refreshing not to have the commercial side of the holidays constantly in your face, or wallet.

So this year we celebrated Christmas with a traditional pancake breakfast followed by a few presents thanks to the pouch and the generosity of our friends and family.  Though our fake African Christmas tree didn’t provide us with the wonderful pine smell that we so love, it was still nice to have a bit of Christmas twinkle.

We then went out for a short hot and sunny hike up a plateau overlooking Maseru.

To cool off we popped over to our friend’s place and jumped in the pool with a few friends just for the novelty of doing so on Christmas!

Instead of the lovely traditional Christmas lunch, we had a braai with others in the community who stayed in Maseru over the holidays. It was a great afternoon and evening, complete with a bonfire and rainbow.

I think we both prefer a white Christmas, but it was still a great day for us enjoying summer in December!

To all of our family and friends around the world we wish you a wonderful Christmas holiday and Happy New Year!!

[apologies for photo quality – we only had our phone camera this time]

2 thoughts on “:: christmas in lesotho ::

  1. Hello from Paris, no snow here either and it is quite mild… but almost cold compared to you though! 😉 I’m glad you had a wonderful Christmas under the sun.
    Thanks for your photos, it’s always nice to have a peak.
    Big bisous,

  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you as well! Loved your photos and glad you had a good Christmas. Love, Mom and Dad

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