:: our floating home ::   

Throw yourself open to the unique and you will be rewarded.  That is the mentality we had when we booked ourselves for two nights on a small fishing boat anchored in Kraalbaai within the West Coast National Park.  This small postcard perfect half crescent bay is part of the larger Langebaan Lagoon and is home to a ragtag floating flotilla of house boats for rent.

Baby Blue is a new, Norwegian style fishing boat with a cosy interior and a lovely roof perfect for enjoying sundowners or a spot of fishing.

You fall asleep to the water lapping at the sides of the boat and awake to the sunlight dappled over the lagoon.  Yes, you have to row yourself and your belongings out to the boat, but generally that isn’t too difficult, though balance in a row boat can be tricky when passing bags and bins of supplies!

With a lovely little functional space featuring a couple of burners, a sink, a flushing toilet and comfortable seating, the boat was a perfect getaway.  We were lucky that none of the other boats were occupied, as that would have impacted the utter peace and tranquility we had in our little floating home.

Captain Kirsty has done a fantastic job setting up this lovely little space and we couldn’t have asked for a more peaceful and romantic place to wake up on our 11th wedding anniversary!

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