:: wild horses ::

In the middle of extremely arid plains in the centre of the Namib Desert is a herd of wild horses of Namibia. These wonderful creatures are thought to have their origins from horses released from nearby farms and camps during World War I. Regardless of where they come from, these hardy survivors still exist in a herd that ranges from 80 to 150 members depending on conditions. They are left to roam free, but they like to congregate near a man made watering hole close to Garub, on the road to Luderitz. 

Standing there, blissfully in the shade of an observation hut, it is hard not to be amazed at these animals’ ability to survive in the suffocating heat of the desert. But there they are, acting like any other type of horse we have encountered. We gave them a a bit of love and took some photos before moving on, feeling amazed at how so many animals have found a way to survive in this arid corner of the world. 

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