:: visions of lesotho ::

Lesotho is truly a special place for us, somewhere that will always be a part of our heart and soul.  This tiny little mountain kingdom surrounded by South Africa is full of magical moments – majestic landscapes, warm people, bucolic scenes and hidden gems.  After two years, the time has come to finally say goodbye, but we will forever hold dear the many visions of Lesotho we had.

We know we will be back, and we hope others will find their way to this wonderful little mountain kingdom.  For now, we leave you with just a few of the wonderful visions we experienced in this mostly undiscovered and underestimated Kingdom in the Sky: http://www.pbase.com/malinakphotography/lesotho.

Stay tuned for a more detailed post soon which attempts to encapsulate our time in Lesotho in words…

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