:: counting down ::

July 1. We have made it to our official departure month. Four weeks from today we will be flying to Africa.

Done, or mostly done, are the jabs, prods, cuts and other various medical procedures. Now we are in full swing for finalizing legal and insurance requirements, buying a car and a host of much smaller, but no less important other items. The final few weeks of training are upon me, while Cora gets to live the FSI life over the coming two weeks in a Sub-Saharan Africa area studies course.

The past few months have been a whirlwind of trips, meetings, training, moving and a hundred other things. We are now in the full maelstrom of planning for our move, but fingers crossed that in a couple of weeks we will be safely through that and able to relax a little bit before the big flight.

We are extremely excited to be less than a month from leaving, though we are grateful to still have time to tackle projects, sort out necessities and most importantly see family and friends.

The clock is ticking and the real adventure is nearly upon us!

2 thoughts on “:: counting down ::

  1. time flies when you’re having fun!!!
    The adventure has begun – prep being step one … nearly done!

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