:: sipping and painting ::

What do all great artists have in common? Inspiration. How do you get inspired to create great pieces of art when you are not visually creative? The answer lies in an evening of sipping wine and painting canvases in an attempt to unlock our inner Van Goghs.

Looking for an escape from our move preparations, we booked ourselves onto a Living Social event in the District and were joined by about twenty five other similarly inclined artists and were presented with a half bottle of wine and a blank canvas.

There to guide us through the process of painting a picture of a bird was a local artist who gave great ideas and instructions. We weren’t overly enthralled by the subject, but in the end it turned out to be a good first foray into the painting world.

So when people come to our house in Lesotho they will now see two exquisite examples of early twenty-first century ornithological art. Just smile politely and tell us how lovely they are no matter what you think, we are still novices with fragile painting egos.

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